Agency’s Functions

    • Formulate, recommend and implement an appropriate policy and program framework that will promote the rapid development and improved global competitiveness of our country’s information and communications technology industry through research and development and through effective linkages to industry;
    • Ensure the provision of efficient and effective information and communications technology infrastructure, information systems and resources to support efficient, effective, transparent and accountable governance and, in particular, support the speedy and efficient enforcement of rules and delivery of accessible public services to the people;
    • Conduct continuing research and development in partnership with the academe towards improving the quality of ICT education and the production of globally competitive ICT manpower;
    • Build the capacities of public sector institutions and their personnel in the use of ICT to improve planning, management, delivery of mission, critical functions and monitoring and evaluation;
    • Formulate the Government Information System Plan and administer the E-Governance Fund.