The main goal of SeedPH is to have 50 local startups based in the Philippines with a company valuation of 10 Million Pesos or more by the end of 2016. The Department Of Science and Technology has been incubating startup companies in its numerous Technology Business Incubators all of whom specialize in ICT/Technology. In this initiative, the group aims to present ITpreneurship as a viable career path for the youth to create their own ICT businesses.

SeedPH Projects


Philippine Startup Challenge – The Philippine Startup Challenge is a student startup competition that aims to involve academic institutions in the college level from all-over the country. The competition was conceptualized together with the local startup community stakeholders and major players in the industry to induce and inspire students to create innovative and relevant ICT products and services that may also be viable business ventures.

Lean Startup Workshops 101 – In preparation for the Philippine Startup Challenge (student business plan competition), a series of workshops discussing lean startup method and startup basics will be conducted to equip the possible participants with basic skills and tools to build and operate a startup with new and innovative ICT products. These workshops will be done in collaboration with PSIA and its partner institutions to provide expertise in these subject matters.

Startup Advisory Council – The Startup Advisory Council is a major industry partner and consulting group for the development, promotion and execution of activities in the SeedPH Program. It aims to unify major sectors of the startup community and represent them under one advisory council to provide guidance and support to the SeedPH program of the DOST-ICT Office through providing inputs in the formulation and development of projects and activities to support the startups and the stakeholders of the industry.

SPrInG.PH Launchpad – SPrInG.PH LaunchPad is an exciting activity that aims to help participating teams cross the threshold between their software product idea and starting a software product business, by integrating lessons from the Business Model Canvass and the Lean Start-up into o a single practical event that can turn their idea into reality.

Startup Inventory Project – The Startup Inventory Project is an initiative to connect and account for the existing startups currently operating in the country. The project aims to define metrics to consider teams and innovators as startups and also present relevant data regarding their current stage of development and areas of innovation.

Philippine Startup Roadmap Project – The Philippine Startup Roadmap tackles the current status of the industry, the issues and challenges currently being faced by its stakeholders and the necessary steps to achieve the identified goals set by the local community. The project is in collaboration with industry partners and the Startup Advisory Council in its assessment as to the content and flow of the Roadmap. The roadmap presents a formalized guide that defines the community’s goals and the appropriate strategies to attain them.

Startup Workshops – The ICT Industry development group through its Next Wave Cities Program has endeavored to spread the benefits and opportunities that the industry is presenting to Metro Manila, throughout the countryside. With its new thrust to promote ITpreneurship as a viable career for IT enthusiasts and practitioners, the program will be bringing a one-day workshop to 6 cities in the different regions to discuss basic concepts and methods in the creation of a startup business.

Startup Weekend In The Next Wave Cities 2014 – Startup Weekend is a workshop originated by the US-based non-profit, Startup Weekend HQS. It supports the development and expansion of entrepreneurship through events worldwide that educate aspiring entrepreneurs by immersing them in the process of moving an idea to market. It is a weekend-long, hands-on experience where entrepreneurs or startups and aspiring entrepreneurs gather in on place, pitch their ideas and find out if they are viable. – aims to be the champion in promoting entrepreneurship in ICT, specifically in the regions. The ICT Office aims to support this initiative, gathering like-minded individuals in the countryside to collaborate in developing ideas and harnessing ICT in creating solutions and transforming them into viable businesses.

Geeks on a Beach – “Geeks on a Beach” (GOAB) is a brand new conference for everyone who is passionate about startups, technology, design, and making the world a better place. It features talks by handpicked speakers from different sectors of the startup and technology scene. The event also includes panel discussions, networking events & fire pitches that made the event informative as well as participatory. “Geeks on a Beach” is organized by and co-organized by the DOST- ICT Office.

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