A. Manage the commissioning of policies and programs set by the central office;

B. Manage the strategic and critical government ICT infrastructure at the regional level; and,;

C. Assist in the formulation of national/regional policies, ICT program/project plans in collaboration with local ICT councils and other stakeholders.;

D.Provide basic administration & finance services to the field office and their provincial field teams.;


Field Operations Office Cluster

Cluster Location Region Contacts
Luzon Cluster 1 Baguio City 1,2,CAR  Dir. William Rojas
Luzon Cluster 2 Malolos City 1,3,4  Dir. Cheryl Ortega
Luzon Cluster 3 Batangas City 4A,4B,5  Dir. Reynaldo Sy
Visayas Cluster 1 Iloilo City 6,7  Dir. Frederick Amores
Visayas Cluster 2 Cebu City 7, 8  Dir. Jose Bagulaya
Mindanao Cluster 1 Zamboanga City 9,ARMM  Dir. Tess Camba
Mindanao Cluster 2 Cagayan de Oro City 10,13  Dir. Evamay Dela Rosa
Mindanao Cluster 3 Davao City 11,12  Dir. Alimbzar P. Asum