Ninety schools in Zamboanga Peninsula are now Internet-connected through the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) Free Wi-Fi in Public Areas and State University and Colleges.

The initiative is part of the Department’s efforts to provide assistance to the education sector in transitioning to the new normal of learning.

“Your DICT recognizes the importance of Internet in the continuance of education in the new normal and is aware that, despite this, a lot of our teachers and students still don’t have Internet connectivity within their households—for various reasons. With the provision of Free Wi-Fi Internet within these communities, we hope to be able to help address some of the challenges faced by our learners and teachers in adjusting to blended learning—at least on the availability and affordability of Internet connectivity,” DICT Secretary Gregorio B. Honasan II said.

Various school heads expressed their appreciation to the DICT for the Free Internet connectivity and access. According to them, free Internet has helped teaching and non-teaching staff as well as students better adapt to the new normal in the education sector.

“The Internet connectivity provided by DICT brings huge help for us teachers as well as to non-teaching personnel. Teachers now can have easy access on the different platforms which is now useful for the new normal set-up… As of today, the online platform is now feasible, and students are very happy to learn in a modern way with the use of the Internet provided,” Adrian G. Refugio, Principal of Zamboanga del Norte National High School, stated.

“It (Free Wi-Fi) provided us with better Internet connectivity that we need for our schoolwork and to be more productive despite restrictions of the new normal. It allows us to perform our duty on the go without thinking that we will run out of data,” Maria Lisa B. Elopre-Valdehueza, Principal of Dipolog City National High School (Barra) added. “It maximizes information dissemination, lessens the burden of teachers because communication with our students is made easy through FB messenger and other google paltforms.”

You may visit or the Free Wi-Fi for All Facebook page for updates.

** List of schools connected in Zamboanga Peninsula

 ProvinceLocalityLegislative DistrictLocation
1.      BasilanIsabela CityLone DistrictBasilan National High School
2.      BasilanIsabela CityLone DistrictMalamawi National High School
  3.      Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIBaliwasan Central School
  4.      Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityICabatangan Elementary School
  5.      Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityICanelar Elementary School
  6.      Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityICatalina Vda de Jalon Elementary School
  7.      Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIDon Pablo A. Lorenzo Memorial High School
  8.      Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIEdwin Andrews Airbase
  9.      Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIJohn Spirig S. Memorial Elementary School
10.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityILuyahan Elementary School
11.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIMalagutay Elementary School
12.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIMariki Elementary School
13.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIPasonanca Elementary School
  14.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIPasonanca National High School
15.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIRegional Science High School
16.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIRio Hondo Elementary School
  17.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityISan Jose Gusu Elementary School
18.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityISan Roque Elementary School
19.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityISanta Barbara Central School
20.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityISanta Maria Elementary School
21.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityISouthcom Elementary School
22.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityISouthcom National High School
  23.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityISouthern Support Command Elementary School
  24.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIWestern Mindanao State University – Main Campus
  25.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIZamboanga East Central School
  26.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIZamboanga West Central School
  27.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIZamboanga City State Polytechnic College
  28.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIZamboanga National High School (West)
    29.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIZamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology
  30.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIArena Blanco National High School
31.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIBoalan Elementary School
32.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIDivisoria Elementary School
  33.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIDon G. Evangelista Memorial Elementary School
34.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIGuiwan Elementary School
35.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIILumbangan Elementary School
36.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIILunzuran Elementary School
37.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIMampang Elementary School
38.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIMaria Clara L. Lobregat National High School
39.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIMercedes Elementary School
40.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIPutik Central School
41.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIITalon-Talon Elementary School
42.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIITalon-Talon National High School
43.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIITetuan Central School
44.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIITugbungan Elementary School
45.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIZamboanga City High School (Main)
46.   Zamboanga CityZamboanga CityIIZambowood Elementary School
47.   Zamboanga del NorteDapitan CityIJose Rizal Memorial State University – Dapitan City
48.   Zamboanga del NorteDapitan CityIJose Rizal Memorial State University – Main
49.   Zamboanga del NorteDapitan CityINeo Global Institute of Technology Inc.
50.   Zamboanga del NorteDipolog CityIIDipolog City National High School
51.   Zamboanga del NorteDipolog CityIIZamboanga del Norte National High School – Main
52.   Zamboanga del SurAuroraIWestern Mindanao State University – Aurora
53.   Zamboanga del SurAuroraIZamboanga Del Sur Provincial Government College
54.   Zamboanga del SurGuiposIIJosefina H. Cerilles State College – Guipos
55.   Zamboanga del SurMolaveIJosefina H. Cerilles State College – Molave
56.   Zamboanga del SurMolaveIWestern Mindanao State University – Molave
57.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIBalangasan Central Elementary School
58.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIBallesteros Sr. Elementary School
59.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIBen Sagun Elementary School
60.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityICamp Abelon Elementary School
61.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityICampo Islam Elementary School
62.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIDao Elementary School
63.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIDumagoc Elementary School
64.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIJosefina H. Cerilles State College – Pagadian
65.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIKawit Elementary School
66.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIPablo Litigio Elementary School
67.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIPagadian City Pilot Central Elementary School
68.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIPagadian City Science High School
69.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIPagadian National Comprehension High School
70.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityISan Jose Elementary School
71.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityISan Pedro Central School
72.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityISanta Lucia Central Elementary School
73.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityISanta Lucia National High School
74.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityISantiago Elementary School
75.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityISanto Niño Elementary School
76.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityITomas Sagun Elementary School
77.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityITuburan Central School
78.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIWestern Mindanao State University – Pagadian
79.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIZamboanga del Sur National High School
80.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIZamboanga del Sur National High School – San Pedro
81.   Zamboanga del SurPagadian CityIZamboanga del Sur SAT
82.   Zamboanga del SurSan MiguelIIJosefina H. Cerilles State College – San Miguel
83.   Zamboanga del SurTambuligIJosefina H. Cerilles State College – Tambulig
84.   Zamboanga del SurTukuranIJosefina H. Cerilles State College – Tukuran
85.   Zamboanga SibugayBuugIMindanao State University – Buug
86.   Zamboanga SibugayImeldaIWestern Mindanao State University – Imelda
87.   Zamboanga SibugayIpilIIWestern Mindanao State University – Ipil
88.   Zamboanga SibugayKabasalanIIFrancisco Ramos National High School
89.   Zamboanga SibugayMalangasIWestern Mindanao State University – Malangas
90.   Zamboanga SibugaySiayIIWestern Mindanao State University – Siay