The Logo features pulsating radio waves using the tri-colors of the National Flag: red, white, and blue. At the center where the waves converge is the yellow silhouette of the map of the Philippines, in lieu of the yellow sun and stars of the Philippine Flag. The lines surrounding the map silhouette also indicate the ever-flowing waters that envelope the Philippine archipelago, evoking the feeling of dynamism brought about by ICT. The 17 connected dots overlaying the silhouette of the map represent the 17 Philippine/DICT regions connected through ICT.

Outside the image, the numbers around it are the binary equivalent of the acronym DICT and 2016, the year the Department was established under Republic Act (R.A.) No. 10844. The straight lines radiating from the spherical Logo and intersecting the acronym DICT (outside the sphere) represent the frequency waves as they travel in space in straight lines; they also represent the encompassing reach of ICT and telecommunications. The colored sphere is not circumscribed because communications, the service, are without borders.

The DICT Logo exudes power, inclusiveness, novelty, freshness and innovation, and ubiquity brought by technology.

The Elements of the Logo


Below are recommended logo-types for different shades of background to be used behind the logo. Two types are given, one for white or light background (blue font), dark backgrounds (white font).

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