This refers to reports and complaints regarding sellers from e-commerce platforms or online
stores, where buyers are given an external means, such as Viber or Messenger, for contacting and
transacting with the seller, wherein such store or seller can no longer be contacted once buyers
have made partial or full payment for their ordered items. All the while, the ordered items remain

The Cybersecurity Bureau hereby advises the general public to keep their transactions with online
sellers within the e-commerce platforms or online stores for their safety. This is so as any issues
or concerns regarding the online sellers may be brought up and addressed accordingly, something
which will be difficult to do if the transaction was done outside of the e-commerce platforms or
online stores.

For e-commerce platforms, the Cybersecurity Bureau would like to recommend the following
measures in order to prevent any irregular activities in the platform:

  1. Develop a security mechanism within the platform that can continuously detect when sellers
    input additional contact details, be it as a text or as an image, especially when the seller is providing
    assistance to its prospect customers.
  2. Have regular reminders before finalizing every transaction stating the risks of fraud, as well as
    the inability of the platform to address incidents when the transaction is done outside of the