This is with regard to the requests of Foreign Nationals (“FNs”) for endorsement to the Department of Foreign  Affairs (“DFA”) for Travel Ban Exemptions (“TBE”) to the Philippines.  

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (“DICT”) refers to the Inter-Agency Task Force  for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (“IATF-MEID”) Resolution No. 131-A dated 05 August 2021. The said Resolution stipulates that eligible FNs who intend to work in the Philippines may apply for 9(g)  visas or 47(a)(2) visas, filed through their Philippine-based employer, so that they will not be required to apply  for Entry Exemption Documents (“EEDs”) issued by the DFA. This is subject to the following rules: 

1. FNs shall course their applications for 47(a)(2) visas through the Department of Justice (“DOJ”), filed  by their Philippine-based employer, if they are required to be in the country for foreign-funded  government projects such as those for transportation and infrastructure; and 

2. Philippine-based employers of FNs who are long-term workers or who have more than six (6) months of employment shall lodge their foreign personnel’s applications for Alien Employment Permits (“AEPs”) or Certificates of Exemption/Exclusion (“COEs”) at the regional offices of the  Department of Labor and Employment (“DOLE”), as a prerequisite for 9(g) visa issuance from  the Bureau of Immigration (“BI”). 

In line with the IATF-MEID Resolution No. 131-A dated 05 August 2021, the DOJ issued on 13 August 2021 the  Guidelines for the Processing of Applications for the Issuance of Special Non-Immigrant Visas (Pursuant to the  IATF Resolution No. 131-A, series of 2021) dated 11 August 2021. The BI, on 17 August 2021, issued Operations  Order No. JHM-2021-004 entitled “VISA ISSUANCE FOR FOREIGN WORKERS UNDER IATF  RESOLUTION NO. 131-A,” dated 16 August 2021. 

In compliance with the above-mentioned, please be advised that the DICT shall also suspending the  processing of requests of FNs who are eligible for 9(g) and 47(a)(2) visas as allowed by the IATF-MEID  Resolution No. 131-A dated 05 August 2021 for endorsement to the DFA for TBE to the Philippines. Such  requests should instead be coursed through the BI or the DOJ, as applicable.  

The foregoing issuances are annexed to this Advisory for reference. Please be guided accordingly.

ADVISORY NO. 2021 – 21