27 August 2019 – Steps to refine and strengthen ICT governance in the country were at the center of discussion when Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) executives met with a number of development partners in a Tuesday forum at DICT Seminar Room, Diliman, Quezon City.

In the forum, the Department proposed to a group of around 50 embassy representatives and international institutions some ICT governance development measures to make initiatives under the Digital Philippines framework sustainable and institutionalized through partnerships and collaboration.          

The Digital Philippines is the umbrella program of the DICT on its various connectivity programs and policy reforms.  

 “In order to forward our mandate to the Filipino people of establishing a Digital Philippines, it is only reasonable to involve civil societies, industry groups, international development partners and other stakeholders in empowering the society through ICT,” Secretary Honasan said in his opening remarks.

Some of the identified plans of the Department where it seeks collaboration with development partners are on the area of deployment of Digital Transformation Task Force, capacity development, and technical assistance.

“With the goal of creating a digital nation, our strategy is banked on making every aspect of society digitally-enabled. This is the vision and we want our development partners to be engaged and get on board to make this a reality,” the Secretary said.

The partners, on their part, expressed support on the current plans of the government and are willing to extend assistance to the three-year old Department.