Attorney IV, Information Technology Officer II, Planning Officer IV, Project Development Officer III, Project Development Officer II, Administrative Officer IV, Accountant I, Administrative Officer II, Administrative Assistant II

Development Management Officer V,Project Development Officer V,Project Development Officer III, Development Management Officer I,Information Systems Analyst I,Computer Programmer I, Project Development Officer I

Computer Programmer III, Information Systems Analyst II, Computer Maintenance Technologist II

Training Specialist V, Information Technology Officer III, Information Technology Officer I, Information Systems Analyst III

Engineer IV

Administrative Assistant III,Administrative Aide IV (Driver II),Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician I,Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician I

Information Technology Officer II

Attorney V

Chief Administrative Officer, Information Officer V, Planning Officer V (3)

Chief Accountant, Supervising Administrative Officer, Administrative Officer V (Cashier III – Application for Cashier position closed.

Careers – Engineer IV, Computer Programmer I, Information System Analyst II, Computer Maintenance Technologist II, Supervising Administrative Officer, Accountant IV

Computer Maintenance Technologist II

Attorney V

Chief Accountant, Chief Administrative Officer (Budget Officer V), Chief Postal Service Officer, Planning Officer V, Internal Auditor V, Attorney V, Planning Officer V

The National Government Data Center 3 (NGDC3)