Contact Center ng Bayan

Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB)  is a joint initiative to improve service delivery and  reduce red tape in  government frontline services. Through a single number, a citizen can gain access to government services and information,  report complaints and ask assistance through various communication channels. The agencies which are included in the pilot implementation are the continue reading : Contact Center ng Bayan

Governance in Local Government Unit (eLGU) Project

The overall objective of the eLGU project is to revolutionize local governance by making the LGUs electronically enabled thereby improving the delivery of public service, promoting transparency in government transactions and increasing public access to government information services, among others. Specifically, the objectives of the project are: To increase public access to information and services continue reading : Governance in Local Government Unit (eLGU) Project

Single Portal of Citizens Services

eSerbisyo is the  single entry point which allows access to government information and services through the Internet.  It  intends to simplify business processes and allows the public to interact electronically with the government.  It provides an integration of all citizen-centric online frontline services of government agencies. While eSerbisyo allows access to information and services, the continue reading : Single Portal of Citizens Services


Overview Electronic Government (e-Government) is the use of information and communications technology (ICT) and other web-based technologies to enhance access of information and improve delivery, efficiency and effectiveness of service to the public. An ICT-enabled government allows the citizens  easy access to information and services anytime and anywhere as well as create transparency and accountability continue reading : eGovernment