Regulatory Environment2.172.172.17Foundational
TOTAL9.91Overall Average1.98Nascent

CDO ranked a level 1.92 in the Density Vector as they already had organized summits but they were still establishing an online network and hub of information and mentor networks. The community had several spaces for startup events such as DICT-Divisoria office, USTP, XU, IIT-Ideya, Wela Office, Capital University among others. Co-working spaces have also begun cropping up in CDO with Librewry, CDO Bites, and Thought Factory as some of the most noteworthy establishments. These areas are all open to the community to use and are places of collaborative effort and the exchange of ideas.

In the Culture Vector, CDO was a Level 1.99 as the community had completed all of the vectors up to level 2. Many niche communities exist and collaborate in the CDO area. These include Oro Digi Arts Fest, Pink Program, OBRA Creative Sessions, GDG, GBG, and DevCon. There are also local businesses that participate and support in startup activities. Syntactics, Chamber of Commerce, Innovuse, Misfit, Librewry, Pizzarella, Specialized TechHub are just some of the identified businesses but the community is already well ingrained in the traditional business network of the area.

CDO scored a Level 1 in the Capital Vector. There were no Level 2 vector parameters that were fulfilled in the area though the community was already on the way to fulfilling them by reaching out to Angel networks and creating networks locally with interested local businesses.

The Talent Vector showed that CDO has a Level 2.83. CDO did not have any codeschools in its community and had no efforts to fight brain drain but had a very robust freelance community. The local freelancer organizations OBRA and WrupUp allow freelancers access to each other and local businesses to offer their services. Many of the freelancers specialized in design, programing, development, and media.

The Regulatory Environment Vector was identified as a Level 2.17 as there was already an effort from the local government to address needs by the startups in the community. LGU heads would actively participate in community events. Startup focused legislation was already being discussed in the local level and tax incentives were being offered to startups. This activity showed that CDO was still a Nascent Ecosystem but was very close into becoming a foundational ecosystem. The community was very active in meeting and was already discussing how to create the needed remedies for the identified gaps.

One of the objectives of the Startup Mapping is to create a canvas that would allow all members of the community access to resources, mentors, and evangelists who would help them on their startup journey. These contacts are all locally based or accessable and are active in the community. The goal is to create a hotbed of collaboration in the community.