Medium-term Information & Communications Technology Harmonization Initiative (MITHI)
First Plenary Conference

Colleagues in Government, first of all, I would like to thank everyone here today for taking time from their busy schedules to attend this conference on the creatively named Medium-term Information and and Communications Technology Harmonization Initiative or MITHI.

I would like to reiterate one of our offices’ most important mandates… “Ensure the provision of efficient and effective information and communications technology infrastructure, information systems and resources to support efficient, effective, transparent and accountable governance and, in particular, support the speedy and efficient enforcement of rules and delivery of accessible public services to the people;”

As you know by now MITHI is an ambitious initiative that is long overdue. The Philippines has been slipping steadily in the UN e-government world rankings for the past decade, from 33rd in 2003 to 88th in 2012. During the same period Vietnam was ranked 97th in 2003 and now they are ranked 83rd, 5 places better than we are.  It is not that we haven’t been advancing, but rather, other countries are progressing at a much faster pace than us. This initiative along with other ICT initiatives like Integrated Government Philippines or iGovPhil project aims to address this and bring the state of eGovernment in the Philippines to its full potential.

This we cannot do alone, we need your help, you know your systems and networks best, and in the near future these networks and systems will be part of an integrated government network, where data is readily accessible for our leaders to make effective plans and decisions. Likewise, this data will be available for various agencies, including yours, making data processing more efficient and turning our citizens’ customer experience from frustration to delight.  With this in place and having the requisite skills to go with it, you will no longer be network or system administrators but instead; Chief Information Officers of your individual agencies, crafting and implementing strategies that will further streamline the overall system.

We look forward to the collaboration that will stem from MITHI and while I know it will be challenging at first but with a strong partnership, I am confident that we can do this…. together.

I would like to thank the Department of Budget and management for organizing and taking the lead in this very important conference, their support in inter-agency ICT programs and the development of interoperable systems across government will go a long way in making the goals of MITHI a reality. We would also like to thank the conference secretariat for doing the essential ground work to make this event a success.

Maraming salamat muli sa inyong pagdalo aming mga KA-MITHI-AN.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat.