The country is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, and amidst all the commotion, cybercriminals may take advantage of the people’s need for updates and guidance on what to do during these times. Let us keep ourselves, and our communities safe from these cyber threats by following these tips:

  1. Be wary of unverified and unproven COVID-19 websites or applications that require you to give your personal data.

These websites and applications might be used by online scammers or might contain viruses, malware, ransomware and other cyber threat intrusions. Cybercriminals will do anything to obtain personal information, especially your financial and banking details. These could come disguised as solicitations or surveys about COVID-19, among others.

Furthermore, unproven apps might give a false sense of security or inaccurately expose you to risk. Keep your data safe and use only trusted websites and applications

  1. Do not open messages or attachments from unknown sources.

Be wary of emails/messages especially those concerning COVID-19. Take time in reviewing the authenticity of the email or message, and do not click on the links or attachments.

  1. Be wary of fake news. Review and confirm information/sources.

Stay tuned in to trusted government and news sites or social media platforms for real and updated information on COVID-19, and do not share unverified information about the situation as not to spread fake news that could incite more panic among the people.

If you have time to spare, help your friends by verifying the information or sources they share. Contact them directly to clarify whatever falsehood they shared and share with them verified facts about the COVID-19.

Cyber incidents can be reported thru the following channels:
Mobile: 0921-494-2917 (Smart)/ 0956-154-2042 (Globe)
Telephone: 8920-0101 loc.1708

Let us not allow cybercriminals to exploit the situation. Let us be vigilant both offline and online.
Let’s work together towards a #CyberSafePH