The long wait is over. The National Cybersecurity Plan (NCSP) 2022 was unveiled last May 02, 2017 to ensure security of the country’s constantly evolving ICT environment.

While the benefits of ICT adoption are expanding, the risks and dangers associated with Internet usage are also rapidly increasing. The breathtaking growth of ICT requires enough security to enable freedom, but not too much, too little to endanger it.

In his keynote speech during the launch, Secretary Salalima emphasized,

“Freedom without security is fragile, but security without freedom is oppression.”

The ComeLeak incident, which was said to be the biggest data breach in the Philippine government history having affected about 55 million voters, sent out an alarming wake-up call to tighten security measures. Cybersecurity has become a matter of urgency.

Since the establishment of the DICT, the formulation of NCSP has always been among its priority areas to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The DICT takes the lead in formulating cybersecurity plans, policies and programs, and the NCSP will serve as the roadmap for ICT key stakeholders to take part in policing and safeguarding the cyberspace against cyber threats.

The NCSP provides the foundation for policy-making efforts on cybersecurity, covering the details of the implementation plan. Key strategic initiatives were laid out, featuring details of the holistic and multi-layered response system to better protect critical infostructure against any cyber threat, as well as the capacity-building efforts to support the development of cybersecurity professionals.

Still a work in progress, the plan will be reviewed concurrently with its implementation for improvement.

“This is only the beginning of keeping a cybersafe country,” Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Enabling Technologies, Allan Cabanlong, said.

The Philippines’ state of cybersecurity is still in its infancy stage, but through a collective national effort between and among the government, the private sector and individuals alike, a mature cybersecurity state is within reach.

He added, “Cybersecurity is a whole-of-nation approach. Cybersecurity is everyone’s business.”