Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio, Jr. and Quezon City Mayor Elect Joy Belmonte together with Assistant Secretary Alan A. Silor and Assistant Secretary Allan S. Cabanlong during the opening of the National ICT Month 2019 Kick-off Event at the QCX Museum, Quezon Memorial Circle.

11 June 2019 – As the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) celebrates its third year anniversary, Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio, Jr. said the young department will continue delivering concrete outputs geared towards sustained development of the Philippine ICT sector.

“The DICT envisions bolstered ICT infostructure, strengthened policy reforms and industry linkages, far-reaching ICT-enabled programs for the under-served, as well as advanced initiatives like the Automated Election System,” Acting Secretary Rio said during the opening ceremony of the National ICT Month 2019 kick-off event at the QCX Museum, Quezon City.

Rallying its bureaus, programs, and projects under this vision, the DICT presents a roadmap towards digital transformation, starting with the delivery of its priority initiatives, including the facilitation of the New Major Player’s operation by the 1st quarter of 2020, and the completion and operation of the ultra-high speed information highway via the government-owned international cable landing stations and through the Luzon Bypass Infrastructure.

Assistant Secretary for Infostructure Management and Special Concerns Alan A. Silor said the entry of the third telco is just one aspect of DICT’s  number of accomplishments in the past three years.

As he presents the Department’s accomplishment in 2018, he encouraged the people to revisit ICT and re-conceptualize ideas and solutions to the Philippine ICT’s longstanding problems through this year’s theme: “See ICT Differently.”

“This is more than technology. We are looking on how we see these technologies make government services felt by every Filipino and change our lives for the better,” Silor said. 

This month, the DICT takes the first step in the accomplishment of its vision for the incoming years. Hundreds of people flocked to the National ICT Month kickoff program to participate in the parallel activities hosted therein. Held in the Quezon City Experience complex, the event featured a forum on innovative technologies, an exhibit of the ICT landscape, and the Kalasag Esports Tournament.

“After this forum, I realized there is so little I know about ICT, that it covers more areas than I am currently aware of,” said Paul Ubas, an Electronics and Communications Engineer (ECE) student from the Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) who attended the lecture sessions.

The month-long celebration features more activities which will culminate with the National ICT Summit scheduled on June 25 to 26. Visit the DICT website for the calendar of activities.