The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Acting Secretary Emmanuel Rey R. Caintic leads the celebration of the Department’s 6th anniversary on Thursday, June 9, 2022. The Department also commemorates National Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Month 2022 this June through a month-long series of activities that highlights the theme, “Spark, Strengthen, Sustain: Advancing the PH Digital Agenda”.

With this year’s theme, the DICT focuses on discussions that spark conversations on continuing the national digital transformation agenda and its exponential growth, that strengthen efforts and reforms in key areas of ICT governance, and that sustain and reinforce the national ICT agenda. The month-long celebration will feature focal activities and events and a social media campaign that follows the year’s sub themes– Spark, Strengthen, and Sustain.

Spark Week looks back on how political and societal need for digitalization ignited the Department’s initiatives to create an environment for key players to notice the country as a viable ecosystem for a bustling digital economy. Next, Strengthen Week tells the story of how the DICT continues to keep the fire of transformation ablaze, exploring issues and challenges in the ICT sector and discovering and recalibrating solutions that fit the needs of its stakeholders. Lastly, Sustain Week opens the conversation on sustaining the flames of progress by capacitating the new vanguards of ICT development— the Filipino people.

“As the DICT celebrates its anniversary, we want to show what the Department has been working on for the last six years: the programs and projects that stand true to our mandate. The NICT Month 2022 will exhibit how these initiatives became the foundation of the country’s growing digital infrastructure, and how our work in the ICT sector will continue even in the new administration,” Secretary Caintic commented.

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