Department of Information and Communications Technology Acting Secretary Emmanuel Rey “Manny” R. Caintic officiated a meeting with the Private Express and/or Messengerial Delivery Service (PEMEDES) operators to streamline the operational processes and to discuss pressing matters surrounding the sector on April 12, 2022, at the DICT office in Quezon City. The consultative meeting is part of the Department’s support to the ease of doing business act, and anti-red tape efforts.

“PEMEDES stakeholders are crucial players in our digital transformation agenda, especially with the steady reopening and recovery of the country’s economy. The doors of DICT are always open for you for any assistance that you may require on our end,” Secretary Caintic said during the meeting.

PEMEDES are a group of service providers delivering courier services that utilize mobile applications and/or Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-aided mediums.

The DICT serves as the regulatory authority over the postal delivery services industry and is responsible for the issuance of authority to operate for PEMEDES operators. The Department also aims to provide a level and competitive environment while promoting cooperation amongst PEMEDES members and championing public interests.

During the consultation, Secretary Caintic emphasized his expectations from the PEMEDES industry players as a regulating body. “I would like you, as operators to ensure the following: (1) to ensure “walang magnanakaw, walang mananakawan”; (2) deliver on time in accordance with customers’ expectations and for the operators to fulfill service level; and lastly, (3) to never transport anything illegal. If these simple requests are met, these things will promote a faster application process,” he said.

“Private messengerial and courier services are riding the growth brought about by e-commerce in the country. By 2024, the logistics market alone is set to reach over 1 trillion pesos. By improving the ease of doing business of companies that are entering this space, we are enabling companies that will bring thousands of jobs to our Filipino citizens, providing numerous options to our online sellers, and improving the competitiveness of this sector,” DICT Chief Caintic reported.

“These are just some of the measures I have approved to better improve the regulatory environment in the ICT space. I have instructed my officials and staff to best ensure that our processes and procedures are efficient, effective, and red-tape free,” he added.

As a first step to creating a better regulatory environment for the PEMEDES industry, Caintic issued Department Circular No. 1, s. 2022 that shall streamline the registration, regulation, and monitoring of PEMEDES operators, Independent Tower Companies (ITCs), and Satellite Service Providers and Operators (SSPOs).

Secretary Caintic also responded to the concerns of the PEMEDES industry players such as the removal of unnecessary requirements for application to expedite and standardize the process. The operators also requested to standardize and delineate the processes for new applications, renewal, acquisition, and expansion.

A rider’s database to provide shared information amongst PEMEDES operators on their partner riders was also pushed to deter riders with delinquent records from simply transferring from one operator to another.

Secretary Caintic also shared DICT’s partnership with Google to simplify the requirements submission system for the PEMEDES stakeholders. This partnership was already proven during the data management of the national vaccination records.

Secretary Caintic assured the PEMEDES operators that he will review the existing processes and take note of the suggestions made by the operators. “A good law solves problems or mitigates risks. I will not burden you with unnecessary requirements as we would like to make the process easier for you,” he asserted.

DICT Undersecretary Maria Victoria Castro, Assistant Secretary Nestor S. Bongato, and Director Maria Teresa Magno-Garcia were also present to support the Secretary during the said consultative meeting.