The Department of Information and Communications Technology has migrated the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s electronic Tax Information System (eTIS) after the system became inaccessible earlier this month. The DICT turned over the new hardware environment to BIR for them to restore the eTIS service.

The BIR’s eTIS, a web-based platform covering taxpayer systems, is one of the systems hosted on the DICT’s Government Cloud service. Since the eTIS is still in the pilot stage, the downtime only affected the Large Taxpayer Unit in RDO Makati and RDO Taguig, while the rest of the BIR system is up and running in their Integrated Tax System (ITS).

“BIR has backup of (its) data. Unfortunately, they (BIR) don’t have a Disaster Recovery (DR) for it, thus the app is still not accessible,” said Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio, Jr.

The DICT reiterated its recommendation to BIR to have an eTIS Disaster Recovery Site, in order to avoid recurrence of service interruption in the future.

Data synchronization is currently being done by the Information Systems Project Management Service (ISPMS) of BIR. Once this is finished, the eTIS will be back online.