Celebration of the 2018 National Women's Month
Celebration of the 2018 National Women’s Month

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) kicked off the celebration of the 2018 National Women’s Month on 8 March at the DICT Audio-Visual Room.

With its local theme “Sulong, Juana! ICT Para Sa Pagbabago,” the DICT highlighted the importance of ICT entrepreneurship in empowering women. The event is in line with the Philippine Commission on Women’s (PCW) running theme from 2017 to 2022, “We Make Change Work for Women.”

Director Maria Teresa Gamba together with Ms. Luvy Villanueva, Ms. Mayette Macapagal and Atty. Generson Paul Mercado
Director Maria Teresa Gamba together with Ms. Luvy Villanueva, Ms. Mayette Macapagal and Atty. Generson Paul Mercado

In her keynote speech, Luvy Villanueva, Project Manager of the Great Women Project of PCW emphasized the role of women in contributing to the growth of the nation’s economy.

Villanueva explained what it means to be an economically empowered woman as defined by International Center for Research on Women: to have both the ability to succeed and advance economically and the power to make and act on economic decisions.

She also emphasized the importance of gender mainstreaming in government’s policies and programs; and appreciated the efforts of the Department in bringing entrepreneurship opportunities to women through ICT services.

Furthermore, these efforts are strengthened through the DICT’s adaptation to the UN’s Women ICT Frontier Initiative (WIFI) program, which had an integration of policies and entrepreneurial tracks on 12 to 13 March.

This event was made possible with the DICT’s Technology for Education, Employment, Entrepreneurs and Economic Development (Tech4ED) Project’s newest segment – the  Gender and Development (GAD).

In line with this, Tech4ED launched various projects through GAD. These are (1) 100 Stories of Women; (2) GADtimpala; and (3) GAD Magazine.

The 100 Stories of Women will feature not only the different stories of women who benefitted from the Tech4ED, but also those who are working behind the project including the Tech4ED center managers and workers.

The GADtimpala, on the other hand, will give recognition to Tech4ED centers which have the most number of people trained and the most number of women trained. Nominations for the award are until the end of December 2018.

Lastly, the first issue of GAD Magazine entitled “The Upload: Cyber Issues (Gender and Development Issue),” which contains the basic information about cybersecurity will be made available this month to all DICT clusters nationwide.

Click the image below to view the GAD Magazine