The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has produced 534 online Filipino workers in the pilot run of the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training Project (RISTTP).

The RISTTP aims to reduce the unemployment rate in the Philippines by creating meaningful ICT-enabled jobs in the socio-economically disadvantaged areas. The training’s mission focuses on empowering the local talent with ICT-based knowledge and skills that will enable them to become digital entrepreneurs.

RISTTP has provided opportunities for out-of-school youth, housewives, persons with disabilities and even for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Lorenzo Dupa, a former OFW in Saudi Arabia, recounted how the training opened opportunities that made him stay in the country for good.

“With this training, I was able to help others to market themselves online and the most significant thing is, I can help my fellow OFW who want to go home for good. In twenty-one (21) days, I was able to get a job in with RIS training, I don’t need to go back to Saudi because this online opportunity made me able to provide for my family and be with them at the same time,” said Dupa.

The project’s beneficiaries undergo a month-long comprehensive lecture and practical exercises focusing on relevant topics on personal and professional marketing, web development, photography, content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), business blogging and cyber and data privacy laws. In 2017, one hundred twenty-four (124) of the total graduates were able to land jobs immediately after the project’s implementation.

Aside from empowering local talents, the training also becomes a good avenue for the promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Beneficiaries produce a 21-day digital campaign strategy for the MSMEs, which include content creation for both website and social media accounts. Beneficiaries are also thought how to produce blogs, banners and posters to help promote the MSMEs in the digital space. With the trainees’ contributions, 381 MSMEs were able to generate more than P10 million in revenue.

DICT’s Digital PH Program Manager Emmy Lou V. Delfin is positive that the project will continue to bring impact in the years to come. “This is our vision for the project – that it will be able to bring ICT into good use – providing jobs, empowering communities, building collaboration and a constant cycle of paying it forward for the betterment of every Filipino towards the achievement of a Digital Philippines,” said Delfin.

With the full support from the national government and with the special attention of Senator Sonny Angara, the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training Project will continue to empower every Filipino especially those in the disadvantaged areas and enable them to land a decent job without the need to leave their homes.