In the Manila-leg of the 30 global workshops across 6 continents organized by Future Agenda last 24 September 2018, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) shared its defining outlook on the significance of data as a government asset for policy-making, especially on access empowerment, infostructure deployment and digital transformation.

Attended by various industry bodies, technical firms, start-ups and representatives from the academia, the Future Value of Data Workshop was aimed at building an informed view of the future and exploring major emerging opportunities. Co-presented by DICT, in partnership with Facebook and the Ateneo Law School, the workshop rightfully addresses the global public debates around everything from growing inequalities, to political freedoms and human rights, and the very future of economic and social progress, as to how they now involve use, abuse, power and possibility of big data.

In light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the most valuable companies are almost all data-rich, and the future of government looks set to be defined by smart uses of large data sets.

“Facebook welcomes DICT’s high regard for data visibility and availability as a platform for inclusive growth and social connectedness,” says Arianne Jimenez, Facebook Privacy & Public Policy Manager, Asia Pacific.

With the Cybersecurity Bureau and its attached agency, the National Privacy Commission (NPC), the DICT assures the growing number of online citizens of the timely relevance of strategies in building a high-trust society and safeguarding of personal information.

The workshop discussions form valuable inputs for crafting the successor of the Philippine Digital Strategy 2011-2016 which is the National ICT Ecosystem Framework 2022; the draft of which is set to be up for regional multi-stakeholder consultations, in Iloilo, Bulacan, Manila and Cagayan de Oro slated until year-end.