ICT Chief Ivan John E. Uy expressed his full support to PLDT Inc.’s launching of its Jupiter Subsea Cable System today, July 29, 2022. The launch of the cable system is expected to expand the Philippines’ international bandwidth capacity and enhance the connectivity experience for Filipinos.

The Jupiter Cable System is the newest addition to PLDT’s 16 international subsea cable systems connecting the Philippines to the rest of the world. It is the country’s first and fastest international submarine cable system that directly connects the Philippines and the USA. It is capable of delivering 500ghz per second that utilizes an Open Cable Model which allows the telco to fast-track the delivery of hyperscale bandwidth to enterprises across the globe.

“Your Department of Information and Communications Technology supports this welcome development in our digital transformation journey. This is in line with our President’s BroadBand ng Masa Program that focuses on digital infrastructure buildup to provide widespread connectivity across the country,” Uy said.

According to the DICT Chief, the launch of the cable system is expected to cement the country’s position as the next hyperscaler hub in Asia. Since the cable system will boost the telco’s fiber network, it shall also pave the way for adopting advanced digital technologies such as Cloud and 5G services.

Uy also emphasized that the initiative is imperative to the country’s participation in the global digital economy since it will attract more investors for a bolstered ICT ecosystem. “Our commitment is to improve connectivity in the country and provide a conducive environment where businesses can thrive. We look forward to the continued partnerships with the private sector as we collectively pursue our shared goals of advancing the Philippine digital agenda. Together, let us work to stimulate economic activity and improve the nation’s participation in the global digital economy,” Uy asserted.