Mechanics, Rules and Regulations

  1. The contest is open to all Filipinos nationwide.
  1. Submission of entries shall be from November 2, 2016 – November 20, 2016.
  1. Participants may submit ONLY ONE (1) ENTRY. One (1) entry is composed of the following:
    1. A logo design (graphic; either digital or hand-drawn)
    2. A short description (either Filipino or English; not more than 200 words) of the logo, its elements and meaning
  1. Entries should be in digitized format (at least 600 dpi with a file extension of .jpg) or freehand illustration or drawing. The raw file of the digital artwork should be drawn/ illustrated in A4 size using Adobe Photoshop. Submit the file in the following formats:
    1. Flat jpeg format, minimum 300 pixels 2) Original raw file. Filename is your name and artwork title. Example: juandelacruz_logo.jpeg, juandelacruz_logo.tiff.
    2. On the other hand, freehand artworks should fit in an 8×10 short bond paper. There are no restrictions in the number of colors used.
    3. A brief description or rationale (not more than 200 words) explaining the components of the logo should also be included in the entry.
    4. The logo should not carry the name of the artist.
  1. The design of the logo should be in accordance with the DICT Framework. It should effectively convey the identity of the DICT in the following aspects:
    1. Mandate and aspirations and core values
    2. Benefits to the stakeholders (actual and perceived)
    3. Unique features of the DICT
  1. The design should comply to the following specifications:
    1. There is no limit to the colors or the number of colors to be used in designing
    2. For wordmark, lettermark, combination marks or emblems, the only allowed text that can be used are the complete name of the department and its official acronym:
      1. Department of Information and Communications Technology
      2. DICT
    3. No irrelevant or vulgar visual elements
  1. All entries must be sent to:


DICT Bldg.,

  1. Garcia Ave. Diliman, Quezon City

or e-mailed to: on or before date, together with the contestant’s basic information (name/institution/address/contact number).

  1. By entering the competition, the participants declare that the logo submitted is their original work, have not been submitted to any other competition, and does not infringe on any third party’s existing copyrights. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities, likeness or comparison of the design would be the accountability of the participant as he/she would be responsible to prove its authenticity. All entries submitted shall be the property of DICT.
  1. The logo-making competition shall be judged according to the following criteria and scoring system:
Criteria Excellent

(Criteria Point x 1)


(Criteria Point x 0.75)

Needs Work

(Criteria Point x 0.5)

Concept (30pts)

How the message was communicated

The message is clear, relevant to the DICT and is creatively presented Some elements of the message are not clear and/or irrelevant to the DICT, but are creatively presented Most of the elements of the message are not clear and/or irrelevant to the DICT, and lacks creativity in presentation
Harmony (30pts)

How the elements of the design go together visually and semantically

All elements are harmonized to form a cohesive, seamless visual flow and sends a clear message Some elements distracts the audience from the overall visual flow and does not contribute to creating a clear message The message is unclear due to lack of visual flow among the elements used
Originality (30pts)

Uniqueness of design

There is no known logo or other designs that resemble the design The design resemble the concept used in a well-known design, but used a unique color palette The design resembles the concept used in a well-known design, and uses a similar color palette


brand recall on audience

 The logo is easily remembered and can be described simply by the audience. A cropped half of the image can be recognized to recall the whole The design is memorable but complicated in a way that it cannot be described precisely. A cropped half of the image does not trigger a recall of the whole The design does not leave a mark on the audience and is forgettable.
  1. The winning entry will be chosen on date by the members of the panel of judges composed of the EXECOM, MANCOM and third party expert consultants. The decision of the judges is final.
  1. The winner shall be informed through registered mail, email and telephone call from a designated DICT staff.
  1. Awarding of the entry shall be on date. One winner shall be chosen and shall receive a prize, Php 30,000 (with applicable taxes).
  1. The winning entry shall be considered as property of the DICT, and may be used by the Department. Likewise, submitted entries will be featured in the Department’s IEC such as but not limited to publications, advertisements, exhibits and other printed or digital media.
  1. The DICT shall also have exclusive rights to the winning logo design; publish it on its websites, and in other media and corporate materials such as letterheads and envelopes. The DICT reserves the right to further refine or make improvements and alterations on the final artwork of the winning entry or to use it in a different purpose.

For further inquiries, you may call the Information Division, Department of Information and Communications Technology at 920-0101 local 3004 or e-mail us at