Women in ICT Feature

A strong, efficient and effective organization is only as capable as the people behind it. 

Since the establishment of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in 2016, the Department has worked tirelessly to improve its human resources to provide better services to the Filipino people. These involves re-organization, providing learning and development opportunities for employees, and selection of qualified applicants to join the DICT. Overseeing all these is the Administrative Service led by Director Yesly Corazon Jaen.

Director Jaen graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology degree and a Juris Doctor degree in Lyceum of the Philippines University. She has worked in various public and private organizations before joining the DICT in 2020 as Chief Administrative Officer of the Human Resource Management Division (HRMD). In January 2021, she was appointed as Director IV to head the Administrative Service.

“My employment in DICT meant new challenges and also new learnings. DICT is part of the new breed of Philippine Agencies that are answering the urgent call for government to adapt to the fast-growing tech environment. It’s an honor to belong to this group of highly technical professionals who are making the paradigm shift in the tech world for Philippines,” she said.

Working for the DICT, she was part of the Department’s success in processing 133 new employees within eight months. She was also involved in creating a process flow for HRMD’s recruitment process, in enhancing the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), and in streamlining the hiring process for Job Orders.

“My responsibility is to help the Department hire able personnel to be part of the dynamic group in DICT and to develop their talents through capacity building,” she explained.

She said her proudest accomplishment is the zero disapproval of appointment papers submitted to the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

“Being able to see the joy and happiness of all the personnel who were appointed and promoted and just being part of the team that gives work to those deserving people brings fulfillment on my part,” she added.

Joining the celebration of women empowerment in the field of ICT, she encourages more women to consider joining the field.

“Women should be given equal opportunity to show their talents in all kinds of careers. Follow your dreams. Desire for the things that will give unlimited results. Never be afraid to try out new things,” she said.