Quezon City, PH – Undersecretary Louis Napoleon C. Casambre announced the removal of the speed cap of 256 kbps on the Free Wi-Fi service offered by the Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project during the first interdivision press conference hosted by the DOST – ICT Office held July 16, 2015.

Pre-empting questions regarding the matter, Casambre underlined the need to increase the maximum limit, allowing more Filipinos to access the internet through the Free Wi-Fi service. With slow internet service a major concern of internet users in the country, the lifting of the speed cap is welcome news.

To manage the estimated 117,000 users who will access the Free Wi-Fi service, the Fair Usage Policy, which limits the daily usage by data cap, will be put into place. “We have to put in a fair usage policy because this is a public service. We have to ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible.” Casambre stated.

Free Wi-Fi and the Telco Industry

Casambre also emphasized that the Free Wi-Fi Project will not compete with the existing offerings of commercial internet service providers. In fact, as a product of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), the Free Wi-Fi Project aims to increase the market size for private providers. With most of the infrastructure and peripherals under managed services, the government requires the cooperation of the private sector for the project to succeed.

The Free Wi-Fi Project is slated to be a part of the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW), which will be held at the SMX Convention Center on July 24, 2015.The focus of the launch of the Free Wi-Fi project will be usability, encouraging people to take advantage of the service.

As part of the DOST – ICT Office’s “Juan, Konek!” Digital Empowerment Program,the Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Projectaims to connect 99% of the Philippines by second quarter of 2016.