The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ICTO) unveiled the E-Government Master Plan (EGMP) which identifies the key priority areas of E-Government for 2014-2016, to an audience of more than 200 I.T. practitioners from the government and the private sector. The plan will guide government agencies in aligning their information systems’ strategic plans to the national e-government priorities such as efficiency and transparency.

The National ICT Summit 2013 provided the venue for the unveiling of the EGMP and for the government to provide updates on several its initiatives in eGovernment, ICT policy development as well as Cyber Security. Among the projects featured were the Integrated Government Philippines Project (iGovPhil), the Medium-Term Information and Communication Technology Harmonization Initiative  (MITHI), the National ICT Advisory Council, and the TV White Space Initiative.

President Benigno Aquino III in a message delivered by Secretary Mario G. Montejo of the Department of Science and Technology said that, “Through the e-Government Master Plan, we lay the groundwork for an effective and transparent e-government information systems for 2014 to 2016, providing agencies a framework that will strengthen and integrate existing information systems that are vital to the delivery of services and information.”

The President also affirmed how technology can be a catalyst for enabling efficiency in government “I have always believed that technology can play a crucial role in linking our people with their government, and that is it through technology that we can improve our services, promote dialogue and responsiveness, and ultimately raise the level of discourse in our country by efficiently informing our citizenry about the policies and initiatives of government” President Aquino said.

The EGMP will serve as the update of the Government Information Systems Plan, it was officially presented to the President through Secretary Montejo by DOST-ICTO Executive Director Louis Casambre for eventual approval and implementation.

Secretary Montejo further commented that, “Through Government-wide ICT projects like iGovPhil, ICT support mechanisms like the MITHI, and guided by an institutional ICT framework, the eGovernment Master Plan, we intend to propel the Philippines up in the United Nations eGovernment rankings— from 88th this 2012, into the Top 50 out of the 190 countries by 2016.

Government Chief Information Officers gathered at the event were excited with the ICT initiatives of Government. Lilia Guillermo, President of the CIO Forum and Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal revenue said that, “We are very happy with the new ICT programs of the Government, this is what we CIO’s in government have been dreaming of all along and it is wonderful that it is finally coming to fruition”

Photo with Caption
Undersecretary Louis Casambre (right) presents Secretary Mario G. Montejo (left) the E-Government Master Plan which will be submitted to the President for approval.