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One of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the United Nations (UN) is to promote gender equality and empower women. As a response to the UN Target, the Philippines enacted Republic Act (RA) 9170 known as the Magna Carta for Women, as well as, Executive Order (EO) 273, which approved and adopted the Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development (PPGD) – 1995-2025. The PPGD is an agency or local plan, which aims to address the needs and concerns of its women clientele and constituents and to respond to the social, economic, political and cultural issues that affect their lives. The Plan includes crafting various activities, which aims to achieve the following objectives:

a. Determining the gender issues which the agency or LGU has to address;
b. Determining the dimensions and extent of the gender issues among
the clientele of the agency or the LGU’s constituents;
c. Prioritizing the identified issues and drawing up the objectives, targets
and strategies to address them; and
d. Estimating resources needed and who are responsible in implementing
the plan.

Following these objectives, the ICT Office conducted a three-day workshop to promote unity, cultural change, and equality in the organization. The Gender and Development (GAD) Summit aims to promote gender sensitivity to address issues that exist within the organization through the series of talks from industry experts. By undergoing leadership, health and wellness, and financial security courses, both men and women alike will be empowered to make a transformation in their lives, going beyond boundaries.

To get the highlights from this year’s GAD Summit, click on the link below:

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