Leadership Track: You can be a Leader

“Failure is the biggest characteristic as to why I am successful now.”

Mr. RJ Ledesma seems to have it all as a Professional Event and Wedding Host, a Host of Best Men on GMA News TV, the Co-Founder and Organizer of Mercato Centrale, the Editor-In-Chief of UNO Magazine, Lifestyle Columnist for the Philippine Star, an Honorary Vice Consul of Monaco to the Philippines, the Executive Vice President of Ledesco Development Corporation, a best-selling author of five books, a Certified Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa instructor, and as a father. Most people would be daunted with having these titles, but Mr. Ledesma revealed the secret behind everything that he has come to achieve in his life. He presented seven steps that helped him become successful:

  1. Develop a unique vision for yourself.
  2. Constantly work towards achieving that vision.
  3. Your vision for yourself might not always work out.
  4. Be ready to accept failure.
  5. God has plan for you. And His plans for you are bigger and better than whatever plan you have for yourself.
  6. Pay it forward.
  7. Cultivate a prayer-centered life and develop a faith community.

However, Mr. Ledesma pointed out that these are not necessarily steps that other people need to follow; rather, they are insights that he cultivated through time. Most specifically, he centered on the idea of failure as something that is normal; even citing that most of his friends who were hard-knocks in high school becoming more financially successful than those of his friends who were in their honor roll. He attributed this to the fact that there were less expectations from these friends, thus being given more leeway to find their way through life and become more resilient in times of trouble. He even cites his own failure of not being accepted into the school of his choice and the trying times of Mercato.

Through it all, he says that what worked for him was to accept the failure that came his way. He also subscribed to the thought that God has bigger and better plans than what he conceived for himself. He said: “It’s a string of failures that make me continue to grow.”

Now, as a successful man, he lives a life of gratitude. Doing talks even during his busy schedule shows his commitment to helping out other people who are going through the same hardships as he did. He then listed a few pointers on how to break barriers:

  • Prioritize
  • Plan ahead
  • No downtime
  • Create a To-Do List
  • Prioritize top 3 things
  • Frontload your work week
  • Block off time for important discussions
  • Break large tasks down
  • Have a good laugh
  • Get a hobby
  • Spend time with the family

He closes his talk by stressing on things that matter to him, namely his relationships with his family and God. On his family life, he said: “I want my children to remember more of my significance rather than my successes.” Finally, he said that it’s his God that gives purpose to his everyday work, asking Him for guidance.