The Philippine Government will continue to support the Health Care Information Management (HIM) Outsourcing Services Sector through training and certification programs to equip the HIM workers with the right skills to do high value work. Likewise, it will continue to promote the Industry to foreign markets as well as promote employment opportunities to areas outside the IT-Business Process Management (BPM) centers like Metro Manila and Metro Cebu and Bacolod, places called  Next Wave Cities.

The HIM industry is the Philippine’s fastest growing Business Process Management (BPM) sector, growing more than 82% in full time employment and generating around two hundred seventy-seven million US dollars in 2012. The industry is expected to almost double that figure in 2013.

The Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Services Congress (HIMOSC) held at the Hotel Intercon on Tuesday was attended by professionals in the local HIM and BPM industry and supported by professionals from the private sector and government.

“This Congress could not come at a better time. Developments in one of our biggest markets, the United States, are focused on the successful and effective implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known in the US as Obamacare.” This was mentioned by Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ICTO) Deputy Executive Director Monchito Ibrahim delivering the keynote speech of  Undersecretary Louis Casambre’s of theDOST-ICTO

We will support the continued growth of the ICT industry, including that of the HIM-BPM sector. Our medical coding training and certification program to equip workers with coding skills will be piloted early next year and we are working with TESDA to develop the assessment for this program. Local efforts to increase demand and interest for the country’s HIM providers have been complemented by the presence and support of the industry in international marketing campaigns and exhibits, most recent of which is the very first HIM-BPM Roadshow held in the US with HIMOAP and the Department of Trade and Industry and its attached agencies such as the Board of Investments and the Foreign Trade Service Corps and the repeat participation in the American Health Information Management Association’s (or AHIMA) Convention and Exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia.” Mr. Ibrahim said.

HIMOAP President Penny Lauchango said that “In the last two years we are happy to see that the industry had grown four fold, providing full time employment to professionals in 2012. And in the next 4 years the HIM industry is conservatively projected to grow an additional 25% year on year to reach 100,000 full time employees, making 1B USD in revenue”

At the event it was also revealed by local health care practitioners and the Department of Health that the Industry will soon be adopting an electronic health information management system similar to that in the U.S. and United Kingdom. Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa of the Department of Health  said that “All the public hospitals have been struggling on what information system to use for health information, what we are trying to do is set the framework for an open, interoperable system that will allow even private hospitals access to patient health care information, similar to what DOST – ICT office has done wth the e-health information network”

About DOST-ICT Office – The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology is the Philippine Government’s lead agency on ICT related matters. Its primary thrusts are in the ICT Industry Development, eGovernment, ICT policy development, Internet for all and Cybersecurity.