The government today launched major Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications and services at the opening of a four-day celebrations of the National ICT Month.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through its flagship Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Project, introduced to the public on June 10 the following: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), government-wide email system (GovMail), government cloud (GovCloud), Agency Records Inventory System (AgRIS), and Government Website Template.

“These applications and systems all contribute to more efficient government operations that redound to the benefit of the citizens through faster delivery of goods and services,” said Denis F. Villorente, iGovPhil project director.

He said the PKI will provide added security to government online transactions and communications with the use of dual keys for sealing and opening documents online and the use of digital certificates for authentication and verification. The technology is useful not only within the government but also in transactions with the public like delivery of services and online payment.

Villorente added that with GovMail, the government will have a uniform email and online identity. “The email, including data and other records, will be stored in a remote and secure facility,” he said, refering to GovCloud.

The “cloud” is a server and storage facility usually offered by private third-party providers to free their clients of the worries of backing up and safeguarding their data. The GovCloud is owned and operated by the government and data is hosted at a government data center.

Part of the effort to give the government a unique corporate identity is the creation of the Government Website Template. Government agencies are urged to adopt the template to give their websites a common “look and feel.”

“With one look, the user will be able to say that this is a Philippine government website,” Villorente said. “The agencies, of course, still control content on their sites. They will have features that show their line of service, like content and presentation.”

AgRIS is an inventory of files, documents and records kept by each government agency. Its role is to keep track and provide a list of all these records and store them in a government data center in preparation for the eventual implementaton of the National Archives and Records Management (NARM) program. NARM aims to optimize the use of government resources by integrating existing assets and improve public service by speeding up document research, access and processing.

The June 10-14 festivities are being held at the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) at C.P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

An executive briefing and consultations with government agencies were held on the first day. Other ongoing events are a job fair, IT solutions fair, policy stakeholders consultations, cyber security meeting, series of training on government website, signing of memoranda of agreement and videos and demonstrations of iGovPhil products and services.

Photo Caption: DOST Secretary Mario G. Montejo  and Intergrated Government Philippines Project (iGov Phil) Director Denis Villorente cut the ceremonial ribbon opening of iGov Phil Events during National ICT Month 2013.



The iGovPhil project aims to enhance government efficiency and effectiveness by using and putting relevant mechanisms to implement interactive, interconnected and interoperable government applications. Some of the components of the project include a Government Email system, Public Key Infrastructure to enhance the security of transactions and communications, the National Records Management Information System (NARMIS), a secure payment gateway, secure data centers and integrated fiber optic network to interconnect the various agencies of government.