Government-wide Email System (GovMail)

The Government Email System (GovMail) offers the government agencies their own user address which establishes official accounts and emails coming from the agencies. address tells people that the person belongs to the agency named in the GovMail account. It gives credibility and weight to the email.

The GovMail system is in line with the e-Government Master Plan that aims to modernize government processes to improve the delivery of goods and services to the public and promote transparency. Citizens will also benefit in terms confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with authentic government agencies.

Flow Process:

1.Fill up and accomplish the GovMail account template form downloadable at


  • The form should be duly accomplished and signed by one who prepared it.
  • The form should be verified true and correct by the agency’s HR head
  • Appoint your agency’s GovMail admin and his/her alternate.

2. Submit a letter of intent with a copy of the accomplished form via both postal mail and e-mail.

Address Postal Mail to:


Acting Secretary

Department of Information and Communications Technology


DICT Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. 1101 Philippines

+63 (02) 920 -0101 local 3001/3000

3. The Agency will be placed to the pipeline of account provisioning

4. The DICT GovMail team processes the application of the agency. If the form doesn’t follow template, it will be returned to the agency.

5.Once provisioned, accounts will be officially transmitted and delivered to the agency via messenger and/or email.

  • The Requesting agency should coordinate with the DICT GovMail team once their MX Record has been pointed to GovMail by their DNS handler.

6. GovMail team and the agency will set a schedule for the conduct of user’s training and administration Training.

Download the GovMail Account template here:  xlxs format

For more information about GovMail, please click this link.

E-mail at: