The National ICT Advisory Council (NICTAC) together with Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST ICT Office) held an ICT Policy Consultative workshop to formally convene several study groups in priority areas of ICT, namely: Cybersecurity, the National Broadband Plan, Cloud Computing, Data Privacy, Public Finance and ICT Procurement, ICT Education, and a code of ICT Laws.

Members of the study groups were taken from the more than 60 workshop participants that represented the academe, ICT industry associations, non-government organizations, ICT professional organizations and civic groups.

The creation of the National Information and Communications Technology Advisory Council (NICTAC) is one of the priority actions prescribed under the Philippine Digital Strategy (PDS), the country’s official roadmap for ICT for development. The NICTAC is envisioned as an advisory body to fast track the implementation process of the PDS. According to the NICTAC’s charter, the council shall provide policy advisory as well as advocacy functions for the DOST-ICT Office.  As such, it will act as a springboard on all ICT-policy related matters relating to the execution of programs, projects and activities lined up in the PDS 2011-2016.

In addressing the participants in his keynote speech Secretary Mario Montejo of the DOST said “This is not the first collaboration between government and industry, and this will not be the last. Some of you here were instrumental in the development of the Philippine Digital Strategy which set the framework for what this assembly is about to embark on.  We are very hopeful that with the talent and experience assembled here today, we can make great strides towards inclusive socio-economic development and a Smarter Philippines.”

One of the highlights of the event was the official signing of the NICTAC charter by the NICTA executive committee currently chaired by DOST ICT – Office Executive Director Louis Casambre . “The participants at this event were selected for their expertise in their respective fields both in the private and public sector, as strategic thinkers in Business, Technology, and the rule of law.  Their contributions to this workshop will be well valued in shaping the policy environment for our sector that will hopefully drive it forward for many years to come.” Usec. Casambre said.

About DOST-ICT Office – The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology is the Philippine Government’s lead agency on ICT related matters. Its primary thrusts are in the ICT Industry Development, eGovernment, ICT policy development, Internet for all and Cybersecurity.

nictacom2013(photo caption) Undersecretary Louis Casambre of the DOST-ICT Office and Chairman of the National ICT Advisory Council (NICTAC) along with members of the NICTAC advisory executive committee addresses participants of the 1st NICTAC policy consultative workshop. Study Groups formed at the workshop will craft and recommend the policy framework for several ICT related issues such as Cybersecurity,the National Broadband Plan, Government ICT Standards and a code of ICT related laws.

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