GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – On 24th March 2022, the Philippines stated its full support of the efforts for the rebuilding of telecommunications infrastructure in Ukraine at the ITU Council Session.

Delivered by Philippine Councilor to the ITU and Head of Delegation (HoD) Undersecretary Alan A. Silor, the intervention highlighted the Philippines’ support for the adoption of established measures for telecommunications service availability. The country also urged concerned parties to preserve digital infrastructures in cities where conflicts arise.

“We believe that a reliable telecommunication network is essential in promoting the socio-economic development of countries, especially those that have been affected by natural disasters, as well as domestic and regional conflicts, in order to enable them to achieve the [UN] Sustainable Development Goals,” stated Undersecretary Silor.

“The Philippines extended its regard for information and communications technology (ICT) for nation-building. The preservation of telecommunications facilities is essential, particularly in the interest of social good and in line with the mandate of ITU, as a commitment to connecting the world,” he added.

The Philippine Delegation expressed its interest to continue to participate in the consideration of key policies and documents, particularly on achieving the main objectives of the ITU as a specialized UN agency to promote universal connectivity and sustainable digital transformation during the closing of ceremonies last 31st of March.

The Philippines is also bidding to retain its seat in the ITU Council for the term of 2023 – 2026, and remains supportive to contributions and projects geared towards the utilization of ICT for connectivity and the promotion of peace.

Caption: Philippine ITU Councillor Undersecretary Alan A. Silor supports the efforts for the rebuilding of telecommunications infrastructure in Ukraine