During the turnover ceremony today at the Department of Information and Communications Technology, ICT Chief Ivan John E. Uy emphasized the importance of improving Philippine e-governance by making public transactions more efficient through digitalization.

Earlier today, Uy attended his first flag ceremony at the Central Office, where he addressed the DICT employees for the first time. The DICT executives and employees, including officials from the regional offices, were in attendance to officially welcome the new secretary.

“We in the DICT have a very peculiar mandate, and that mandate cuts across all government agencies– to ensure that through ICT, we will be able to deliver to the Filipino people a better government, a more efficient government, a government that is easier to transact with, a government that is more competent, and a government that is not corrupt,” Uy asserted.

The DICT Chief also expressed his full support to President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s plans to accelerate the build-up of digital infrastructure in the country.

Former Chief Emmanuel Rey R. Caintic also attended the ceremony virtually to express his gratitude to the employees and to encourage everyone to give their utmost support to Secretary Uy.

“Sec. Ivan is your new team coach and your new acting captain of the DICT fleet. Follow your new leader, a very capable ICT professional and executive. Rally behind him and his team as he leads the DICT to greater heights. Support him and his new strategies in pursuing the goals of our new president,” Caintic said.

In closing, Secretary Uy challenged his colleagues to fulfill their invaluable role of serving the Filipino people.

“The time to move is now. The time to work hard is now. The time to have that burning passion is now. I encourage all of you to work together, to join hands and help DICT and the current administration in delivering to the Filipino people the promise of a better life, a better future, and a better economy through a digitally empowered citizenry and government,” Sec. Uy said.