Ensuring that ICT access and internet opportunities are available for the entire country is made possible by the development of effective and sustainable and strategic ICT infrastructures. Majority of ICTO’s initiatives have an online component that requires reliable connectivity between and among government agencies as well as with the general public. The ICT Infrastructure Group through its various programs ensures that these connectivity requirements are met in an efficient and effective manner.


TV White Space Initiative (TVWS) – The ICTO’s TVWS initiative came from a need to provide connectivity for those beyond the reach of commercial wired or wireless broadband service. TVWS technology uses un-allocated television frequency spectrum to provide data connectivity. Applications of the technology include: telemedicine, educational content delivery, rural last mile connectivity and environmental sensor networks.

Government Fiber Core Network – An essential component of ICTO’s eGovernment initiatives is efficient and secure data connectivity between government agencies, data centers and the public Internet. A government-owned fiber core network is under development that will utilize existing government assets.

Upgrade of National Microwave Network – Complimenting existing government-owned and private sector source data networks are communications systems for redundancy using microwave radio links, the ICTO Infrastructure group is upgrading current network linkages especially in the Visayas and Mindanao region.

Cloud Top e-Learning for Public Schools – In cooperation with the DOST – Technological Research Center (TRC) the Infrastructure group is developing last mile connectivity solutions for this Cloudtop project, which aims to reduce hardware acquisition costs for computers by using thin client and cloud computing for educational use, and utilizing as well government cloud applications and sustainable energy solutions.

Internet TV Testbed – With the proliferation of broadband connectivity and future adoption of IPV6, IPTV or Internet TV is expected be a popular means of digital content delivery. This is currently ongoing testing in cooperation with partners in Industry and Academe, especially for key public applications.