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The Information and Communications Technology Office celebrates the ICT Month for the whole month of June.


The ICT Month is celebrated during the month of June since the year 2008. This is in accordance to Proclamation No. 1521 (series of 2008), which declares that “THE MONTH OF JUNE 2008 AND EVERY YEAR THEREAFTER AS “NATIONAL INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT)” MONTH”. Further, the conduct of such event is to recognize the contributions of the ICT as one of the major sectors for economic growth and, as such, has resolved to fully implement a national ICT program that shall optimize the utilization of ICT.


This year, the theme of the ICT Month is “Internet for All: No Juan Left Behind”, which stresses the importance of the Internet in the lives of today’s Filipinos . Various activities have been scheduled, all of which revolve around its impact on the different sectors in the social and economic spheres.

JUNE 1 – Kick-off Event for 2015 National ICT Month

ICT Month officially opens alongside with the commemoration of ITU’s 150th year. The event will highlight the ITU’s initiatives and innovations for the past 150 years. Several audio-visual presentations from ITU, ICTO, NTC and private sector members highlighting the significance of ICT in each sector.

JUNE 10 – Start-up Workshop

The e-Innovation Group will conduct a one-day workshop focused on job creation through the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM). The one-day workshop shall focus on their SeedPH program, as well as other ICT enabled Startups. The workshop aims to promote entrepreneurship and leverage the use of ICT to provide solutions for different industries in the society through technology startups.

JUNE 17 – ICT 4 Biz

One of the goals of the eFilipino Development Program of ICTO is to improve the lives of Filipinos in the marginalized sectors of the society. One of their initiatives is focused in the betterment of the lives of PWDs by providing them relevant ICT-related skills that could help them use ICT as a tool in empowering their lives.


The Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Project is an essential element in the Implementation of the e-Government Master Plan of 2013-2016, which aims to improve processes in government to provide better services to both citizens and businesses, as well as promote public participation. For the Summit, the iGov Phil Project will launch their shared services applications and initiatives called PhP Pay and PeGif.

JUNE 29 – NCM Tech Talk

Organized by the National ICT Competency Management Service (NCM) of the Department of Science and Technology Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO), the ICT Technical Forum for Government Professionals was conducted in line with the 2015 National ICT Month. The forum talked about the role of digital competence of government employees and how being proficient in using the latest technology, be it software or hardware, is becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s digital age.

JUNE 30 – Talk on Cyber Literacy

The Cyber Literacy Talk is a three part activity composed of lecture, open forum and poster making. High school students is one of the groups who are frequently exposed to social networking and often spend long hours for internet surfing. Easy access to information from the worldwide web through internet connection makes them vulnerable to potential dangers from the cyberspace. Thus, the talk will enable them to be a responsible on line users as they will be informed on the possible threats on personal privacy, information safety and cyber safety of individuals.

JUNE 30 – Culminating Activity

To cap off the ICT Month, a culminating activity will be conducted to provide highlights that summarize all the activities implemented. The culminating activity will also provide an update on the status of all the activities conducted. Moreover, it will also serve as an avenue to launch the E-innovation researches at the same time.


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