Facilitating ICTO’s mandate in formulating ICT policies, implementing ICT plans and programs, leading international ICT cooperation bodies, and other related functions is the ICT Governance Policy & Planning Group, which takes the lead in multi-stakeholder policy development.

Effective ICT policy and planning is the backbone of effective eGovernance, ICT-enabled societies, and digital inclusion of all sectors and communities. The ICT Governance Policy and Planning Group plays a key role in the development, monitoring and advocacy of ICT-related plans, programs, projects and standards, and providing research support for e-Government, e-Business and e-Society concerns.


National Connectivity and Broadband Development Plan. Selected international studies have correlated broadband penetration to a country’s economic development. Similarly, the right to access to a fast, reliable, and secure Internet is now recognized by different countries as an effective driver of equity and participation. ICTO is preparing a plan to ensure that all Filipinos will reap the benefits of universally accessible broadband, through different policy instruments and interventions.

Philippine Digital Strategy (PDS) Implementation Plan. The PDS is the national roadmap for ICT for the period 2011 to 2016. The ICTO is paving the way for its full adoption and implementation, in coordination with government entities, private industry, and civil society stakeholders.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. With the impending passage of the Data Privacy and Cybercrime Prevention Acts, the ICTO continues to provide technical support in support of their implementing rules and popular advocacy, towards embedding cybersecurity and data protection in all areas of its work.

ICT Procurement Standards. After having developed ICT Procurement Manuals and standard bidding documents, the ICTO is now advocating their approval by the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) and their full adoption by all government agencies.

Digital TV Migration. ICTO is preparing the country’s migration plan to Digital TV, and developing corresponding policies for its eventual issuance. Digital TV allows up to 6 programs on a single analogue TV channel and will offer enhanced services to Filipino households.

ICT Standardization. ICTO assists in the standardization of ICT products and ICT-related processes together with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Bureau of Product Standards (BPS), towards the promulgation and promotion of Philippine National ICT Standards (PNS).

Philippine ICT Statistics Portal. The portal will be the gateway to government-approved ICT-related statistics, regularly compiled and updated to facilitate the analyses and development of ICT-related policy, and ICTs’ contribution to national competitiveness.