07 December 2020 – The result of the 1st Semester 2020 Assessment of the Government Web Presence shows that the government sector is improving its digital presence to provide the public, access to government information and services. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government to re-examine public service delivery and  to engage citizens and keep the country functioning in these unprecedented times. Digital solutions in areas such as provision of government services, education, the media, communication systems, and the economy have allowed some form of continuity in day-to-day life during pandemic.

Based on the assessment, there is a lower percentage of operational websites during the first semester assessment in 2020, which would coincide with the start and spread of the pandemic. On the other hand, provinces, cities and SUCs’ websites have kept their sites operational with percentages at 100%, 96% and 98% respectively.

For LGUs, there is a high proportion of web presence of provinces (100%) and cities (96%), but low among municipalities at 58%. There is a high proportion of Facebook accounts however, among municipalities at 67%, which is a higher percentage than their web presence.

The Government Web Presence Assessment is conducted by the Monitoring and Evaluation Division twice a year on an annual basis. The assessment is based on the “with presence” and “without web presence” criteria during the period of assessment. The list of National Government Agencies, Government Owned and Controlled Corporations, State Universities and Colleges and Local Government Units are based on the Department of Budget and Management’s Government Directory 2020. 

The results of the Government Web Presence Assessment can be downloaded from the ICT Knowledge Portal ICT Statistics page at https://dict.gov.ph/ictstatistics/ict-statistics/

Keywords: Government Web Presence, Government Online Information, Monitoring and Evaluation Division