09 February 2021 — The Huawei Technologies Co. released the Global Connectivity Index Report 2020. The Philippines ranked 59 out of 79 countries with a GCI score of 38. The United States topped global rankings with a GCI score of 87, followed by Singapore with a score of 81. 

Although the ranking of the Philippines remained at 59 from the 2019 to 2020 report, the Philippine GCI score increased from 37 in 2019 to 38 in 2020. The Philippines also scored positively in three of four Technology Enablers.

Enabler Philippine Score 2020 Average Change from 2019 Score
Broadband 45 62
Cloud 33 42
Artificial Intelligence 27 30
Internet of Things 27 40


This year, the Philippines also improved its score in three out of the four pillars of the 2020 GCI namely Broadband, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things.

Enabler Philippine Score 2020 Average Change from 2019 Score
Supply 30 41
Demand 41 55
Experience 44 61


The Global Connectivity Report contains the Global Connectivity Index (GCI), which measures 79 countries in different areas of connectivity. Since 2019, the GCI’s research methodology has been expanded to help policymakers understand AI’s growing influence on the global economy. 

Keywords: Global Connectivity Index, Huawei, PH ranking, connectivity

Content contribution by Jasmin Eleazar-Dela Cruz