“Community eCenters toward self-reliant Barangays”

cec combiFor the past three years, the Philippine Community eCenters (CeCs) had grouped together and traveled the familiar path to a vision of “A CeC in every Municipality.”

Strong partnership and networking led to the setting up of the National CeC Network and instituted the Philippine CeC Program.  The blueprint for the First Strategic Roadmap of the Philippine CeC Program for 2008 – 2010 was formed.

In 2007,  755 CeCs were established,  but as of last count in August 2011,  there were about 1,416  CeCs  throughout the country.  Although these CeCs were already found in municipalities, the work ahead was still massive.

From the vision of “A Community eCenter in every Municipality,” in the First Strategic Roadmap for the Philippine CeC Program for 2008-2010, there emerged  the challenge to take a broader vision of “Community eCenters toward self-reliant Barangays.”

The Strategic Roadmap of the Philippine Community eCenter Program for 2011-2016  was developed based on the spirit of the 2008-2010 Roadmap it replaced.  The new  Roadmap  is not just connecting people in far-flung communities, it is giving them the opportunity to change their lives and their futures as their communities gain self-reliance and a new power to initiate change.

The mission “To promote the socio-economic development and enhance the productivity of Filipino communities through the convergence and availability of affordable, appropriate, and  critical ICT-enabled services in the CeCs, thereby improving the overall quality of life.”

Along with the mission and vision of the 2011-2016 Roadmap are the following goals

  • To establish and strengthen the Community eCenters across the country
  • To provide and develop services and content for socio-economic development of communities
  • To ensure availability of competent CeC knowledge workers
  • To provide communities with knowledge to achieve alternative solutions to power, connectivity and technology concerns, and
  • To promote the value of the Philippine CeC Program to the growth of self-reliant communities towards earning the support of decision makers, leaders and stakeholders.