The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) conducted a virtual event wherein industry frontrunners shared their insights, plans, and information on emerging trends in the country. This was part of the Department’s continued celebration of the National ICT Month 2021.

“In the rapidly changing ICT landscape, developments and advancements in technology continue to shape and revolutionize various sectors of our society. That is why it is vital to keep pace with emerging technologies to ensure the continued relevance of our programs,” DICT Secretary Gregorio “Gringo” B. Honasan II said.

Undersecretary Arnold “Ali” I. Atienza defined emerging technologies as technologies whose development and practical applications remain largely unrealized. These technologies may be either developed or underdeveloped, but society has yet to realize their various practical applications.

“The DICT’s role is to encourage the development of emerging technologies, and at the same time let the public understand the advantages and practical utilities of these technologies,” Undersecretary Atienza said.

“It is our task to harness and bring into fruition the untapped potential of emerging technologies,” he added.

The speakers from BrainCo, Omron, Robotic Activations, Magic Leap, Dell, Cisco, HGC, WeWalk and TSI-ACSI also provided technology demonstrations of their respective portfolios, with particular focus on emerging technologies.

Highlighted during the event were innovative technologies such as automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and assistive technologies. These featured emerging technologies gave the attendees a glimpse of the exciting future of ICT in the country.

Understanding emerging technologies is vital as the Department continues the implementation of its digital transformation efforts under the newly-adopted Connect, Harness, Innovate and Protect (CHIP) Conceptual Framework, which restructured and realigned its programs to boost the nation’s readiness for the global digital economy.

The engagement with industry leaders aimed to guide the Department in assessing the alignment and relevance of its policies, programs and projects with the direction of the sector and current trends in ICT. The goal was to come up with more effective initiatives that meet the digital needs of the Filipino people.

“Today’s discussions on emerging technologies and their impact on the national ICT landscape allow the Department to better align our future policies, programs and projects with the current trends and realities of the industry,” OIC Assistant Secretary Adrian Jude G. Echaus concluded.

The event was the first part of a two-day program titled “Future of ICT Industry in the Country”. Day 2 of the program is set to be held on July 1, 2021 (Thursday).