Position Title: Information Technology Officer I
Division: Government Online Services Division (GOSD)
Appointment Status: Job Order
Duration: 3 months (September 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018)
Monthly Salary: Salary Grade 19 + 20% Premium
Salary: Php 50,518.80 (Inclusive of 20% in lieu of all other government benefits, honoraria, allowances and other forms of remuneration, subject to appropriate government taxes)
Source of Funds: ICT Systems and Infostructure Management and Services MOOE
Particulars: Supervise the operation and implementation of the government main online services including web hosting services, email systems and other related services during shift schedule.
Deliverables: ·         Accomplishment Report

·         Helpdesk Resolution Report

·         Incident Report up to resolution

Duties and Responsibilities: Under the direct supervision of the OIC, Government Online Services Division (GOSD), the Information Technology Officer I shall be tasked to perform the following duties and responsibilities:


On Services Administration:

·         Supervise the day to day operation and administration of the Government eMail (GovMail) System and other online services in the NGDC;

·         Implements the integration of the government email to other applications and solutions systems developed by Government Digital Transformation Bureau which will be lodged in the National Government Data Centers (NGDC);

·         Assist in the integration of the DICT systems with the existing system in the client agencies for interoperability;

·         Establish a reliable monitoring system of the network to maintain a ensure secured database of the DICT online services;

·         Conducts review and evaluation of the systems and services to be able to recommend improvement and changes when necessary;

·         Conducts researches on current trends and issues on the management of national and critical government applications and data services for recommendation to the DICT management;


On Evaluation and Auditing:

·         Evaluate submission of requests for accounts for official email for government client agencies;

·         Conduct regular audit on accounts distributed to client agencies and ensure full utilization;


On Client Support:

·         Ensure that critical issues are addressed promptly and that clients are given technical support as needed;

·         Prepares periodic reports on the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the GovMail services of the DICT;

·         Prepares reports on maintenance and updating of the modules on the operational management of national and critical government email application and services systems;

·         Develop technical manual which may include FAQs and other information for easy reference and ensure the availability of helpdesk and technical support 24/7;



·         Supervise staff performance of the Section and recommends development techniques for strong teams in order to achieve goals, plans and programs of the Division;

·         Support the implementation of the Division’s plans and programs in coordination with stakeholders and other DICT units/divisions;

·         Engage in different committees and take active participation in technical working groups, FGDs, and other such membership as necessary; and

·         Undertake other initiatives and/or projects as maybe assigned by the Division Chief and/or the Director

Essential Requirements:


·         With basic experience in Basic Computer Networking (cable installation and termination based on international standards), Basic Networking Devices (installation and configuration of routers/switches);

·         Basic experience in Linux Operating Systems and Firewall Appliances;

·         Basic knowledge in Command Line Interface (CLl) – DOS, Linux, etc.; and

·         With knowledge in Network Documentation.

·         Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.

·         Ability to estimate and procure materials and labor.

·         Ability to keep accurate records, coordinate written work requests and work orders, and maintain good inventory records.

Additional Requirements: ·         Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, ECE or Information Technology

·         Minimum two years’ relevant work experience;

·         Data Center’s experience an advantage;

·         Adapt /manage with Shift work which can change periodically with modest notice.

·         Require to routinely work on holidays and weekends that may occur during the shift.

·         May require overtime.

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