In the current ICT landscape, the rapid increase in the demand for cybersecurity professionals for outpaces the supply in the workforce. This produces a big gap that needs to be addressed. Due to the lack of cybersecurity professionals, it is essential to equip government and military personnel, CII, and individuals with the skill set necessary for them to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber attacks.

The National Cybersecurity Plan (NCSP) 2022 which was created to address the urgency of protecting the nation’s Critical Infostructure (CII), Government Networks both public and Military, Small and Medium Enterprises to Large Businesses and their Supply Chains, and every Filipino using cyberspace has identified the cultivation of existing talents and developing new ones thru the creation of a Cyber Training Facility as one of its strategies. Said facility would house training and certification programs that would provide the necessary skills for military, government, and CII security personnel to effectively identify, protect, detect, respond and recover when cyber threats occur in their organization. The facility would also house the ICT Testing Lab and the Digital Forensics and Reverse Malware Lab. The Cyber Training Facility is part of the 2019 Projects of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Enabling Technologies and the Cyber Security Bureau.

In line with this, we invite you to attend the Request for Information (RFI) meeting for the above mentioned project on June 3, 2019, 1:00 to 5:00pm at the Manansala B of the Sulo Riviera Hotel, Quezon City.

You may confirm your attendance with Samantha Pineda of the DICT Cybersecurity Bureau Secretariat at 920-0101 local 1002 or by sending an e-mail confirmation to