It all started in a garage39 years ago, two men named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started a small computer company called Apple Computer, Inc. Their company aimed to provide consumer electronics, personal computers, software, and commercial servers that people can use to make data gathering, storing, and disseminating more convenient. Fast forward to 2015, Apple Inc. is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has a name that is easily recognizable worldwide and continues to lead the way in terms of digital media distribution and technological innovation.

Today, the DOST-ICT Office recognizes the founding of Apple Computer Inc. Theirs is an example of how one idea can turn into something greater and concrete that can benefit the majority. On that note, you too, can begin your own startup business with the help of DOST-ICT Office and its Seed.PH program. Under the eInnovation group, this pioneering program aims to develop the Startup ecosystem within the country and encourage the Filipino’s entrepreneurial spirit. Through the use of ICT, the program strives to further cultivate e-commerce and the technology startup business in the country, resulting with highly-skilled “Technopreneurs” who can create startup businesses that can pique the interests of both local and foreign investors and spark economic growth.

Under the program, various projects have been implemented to give would-be technopreneurs the necessary skills to make waves in the e-market. Each project is backed up with the collaboration of industry professionals and ICT councils who share their expertise and knowledge in the ICT and entrepreneurial fields.

One of the projects under Seed.PH is the Philippine Startup Challenge. Together with the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), this project aims to stimulate the Filipino Startup scene by encouraging high school and college students from different regions in the Philippines to come up with business ideas which have the potential to generate revenue. Submitted entries will be assessed by Ideaspace, one of the local startup incubators in the Philippines, who then would choose the top 3 best ideas and will be given the opportunity to develop them into actual businesses with the help of experienced mentors and capital funding.

Last year, the startups Places-On-Demand, a concierge service web and mobile application for high-end condominiums, Carestarter, a scholarship matching system with gamification elements, and Escape Plan, a Kinect framework for team building games, were chosen by Ideaspace. This year, the Philippine Startup Challenge aims to broaden the scope of schools and colleges in order to give students from across all regions the chance to present their startup ideas.

The DOST-ICT Office recognizes the ingenuity and drive Filipinos inherently possess. As such, through these various projects like the Philippine Startup Challenge, under the Seed.PH program, any Average Juan with a bright idea can run with it and make it a reality.

Every idea has the potential bring about great changes; all it takes is the right know-how to get it started.

For more information, you can check out the DigitalPH Facebook page or for further inquiries.