To leverage on the benefits of digitally- empowered economy and address the risks associated with a hyper- connected world, the country has focused and invested in digital literacy, ICT workforce policies, industry talent and institutional capacity development.


  • There are 5,008 Technology Empowerment for Education, Employment, Entrepreneurs, and Economic Development (Tech4ED) Digital Transformation Centers has been established.
  • 338 training were conducted under the Philippines’ “Digital Workforce” initiative and a total of 949 certification and diagnostic exams were given to 23,124 examinees. In addition, The Philippine Government’s “Digitaljobs PH” conducted 413 trainings for the specialized sector and a total of 1,939 MSMEs were assisted.
  • Various digital upskilling initiatives have been implemented, such as Tech4Ed and the Digital Education Program, the Digital Transformation Centers Projects, and the ICT Academy. These programs aim to boost the ICT capacity and readiness of Filipinos for the digital economy.
  • The Digital Cities program has identified 25 digital cities, established ICT Councils, and have helped various Local Government Units in developing their five-year digital roadmap.


  • The Philippine Digital Hub won the WSIS Project Prize for its sustainable and replicable model of a government providing a “hub” for accessing ICT-enabled services to address unemployment in communities where investment is low.
  • The Philippines was selected as one of the 9 countries to host Digital Transformation Centers (DTCs) launched by the ITU in the Phase 1 implementation.
  • The Philippines’ Initiative on Enabling Teachers on Remote Teaching and Learning in the time of Pandemic was awarded as one of the Champions of the 2021 WSIS Project Prizes, for providing a training design that can help teachers and educators carry out continuous learning systems even in times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Philippines pledged the expansion of Digital Transformation Centers (DTC) in the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition during the 2022 World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) to accelerate digital transformation and provide digital skills.


  • Contribute to the ongoing fostering of gender and social inclusion in the use of information and communications technology.