In response to call for national digital transformation, the Philippines laid down the ICT Ecosystem to spur innovation in government and in the business sector. The ICT Ecosystem is built on a framework where diverse industries are integrated and emerging technologies are harnessed.


  • 789 Local Government Units and 7 National Government Units have been linked and integrated into the National Government Portal (NGP) of the Philippines.
  • 889 Local Government Units have been assisted in implementing their Integrated Business Permits and Licensing System (iBPLS) cloud. 284 Local Government Units were also integrated and linked to the Central Busines Portal (CBP).


  • The Philippines moderated a session on “New Data Needs for the Digital Society,” which was also the session for presenting the outputs of the Expert Group on Household (EGH) indicators during the 16th World Telecommunications/ICT Indicators Symposium.
  • The Philippines partnered with the ITU’s Innovation and Partnership department to conduct the Philippine Digital Innovation Ecosystem Assessment Workshop.
  • The Philippines was selected to lead the in the 7th Meeting of the Expert Group on ICT Household Indicators (EGH).
  • The Philippines successfully conducted the 2019 National ICT Household Survey highlighting the country’s national coordination model for ICT statistics – an initiative which makes the country one of only a few ITU member states in the Asia-Pacific Region that has undertaken a standalone national ICT household survey.
  • The Philippines shared its Cooperation Model Towards Strengthening ICT Statistical Development Participation in the ITU’s 11th Expert Group on Telecommunication/ICT Indicators (EGTI) and 8th Expert Group on ICT Household Indicators (EGH)


  • Continue to support the ITU in the development of international data analytics to help track digital transformation and the utilization of ICT solutions in various sectors.
  • Continue stimulating Economic Activity in the country and with ITU member states through active participation in the global digital economy and in the policy and project development with the ITU.