Kalasag is a native Filipino large shield that for centuries protected our brave ancestors in battle. It has been a symbol of courage, strength and unwavering will of the Filipino since, and from its spirit, the Philippines’ first ever esports tournament open to all in the government derives its inspiration.

Kalasag is the newest addition to the annual celebration of the National ICT Month in the country. This year, as we call on the people to “See ICT Differently” and answer the challenge of digital transformation, we also call on all government employees to answer the challenge of friendly competition in a digital arena that will test their cunning, strategy and skill.

With its partners, the DICT is opening its doors to the community in the discussion of responsible esports play, youth mobilization and most importantly, changing public’s mindsets with regard to the utilization of ICT.

Who can join? -all government employees, whether regular, contractual, job order or any similar status. Just present a certification that you are part of a national government agency, local government unit, or government-owned and controlled corporation.

Tournament Details:

QC Experience, Events Hall – Quezon Memorial Circle
June 09 – Group Stage Eliminations
June 10 – Playoffs
June 11 – Semi-Finals and Grand Finals

Check the full mechanics for more information and register below to compete and for a chance to win cash prizes and in-game rewards:

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Tournament Mechanics

Team Components

  1. Each team must consist of five (5) main players and are allowed to include one (1) reserve/substitute player.
  2. The tournament is restricted to non-professional players working as an employee (regular, contractual or any similar status) of a government agency, local government unit, or government-owned and controlled corporation only.
  3. Team must come up with a team name that they will carry throughout the duration of the tournament.
  • Registration
  1. The tournament is open to all employees (regular, contractual/job order or any similar employment status) of government agencies.
  2. Players must submit basic certification from their respective Human Resource units or Divisions, for proof of their employment status.
  3. Teams must fill-in the official team registration form with the team’s basic information and scanned copy of the certification, view sample here.
  4. Deadline for registration is on June 5, 2019.
  5. The first 32 teams will secure tournament slots.
  6. Registration confirmation will be sent to the team through their registered email address.
  7. Should any of the 32 teams back out, the organizer will give the vacated tournament slot to the wait listed teams on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  8. Member trading between registered teams is not allowed after the deadline. Any changes in the team composition may be brought to the organizing committee’s attention on/or before June 5, 2019. Request for changes in the team composition is subject to the organizer’s approval.
  9. On the tournament dates, registered players must present their agency ID to the organizers for verification purposes.
  • Gameplay and Match Proper
  1. The mobile application to be used is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Developer: Moonton).
  2. Game marshals shall officiate each match and will make sure that all rules are followed based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game rules.
  3. First hero pick for the group stage shall be decided through a toss-coin. For the playoffs up to the final stage, all first games of each match shall make use of a toss-coin to determine first pick. The teams would then alternate having first pick for the other succeeding games within each match.
  4. Winners for each game are decided based on the in-game rules’ winning conditions.
  5. A team wins a match by default should the opposing team is not complete or present at the tournament area 10 minutes after the designated match-up time.
  6. Use of skins are allowed.
  7. Each team is allowed to use two (2) pauses for each game with a maximum of two (2) minutes for each pause.
  8. For an instance that a player is disconnected from the game the teams can request to pause the game for the player to reconnect. The max pause time of one team is five (5) minutes. Marshalls have the right to extend the time.
  9. No coaches are allowed within the match area.
  • Tournament Format
  1. The tournament will run from June 9-11, 2019.
  2. The 32 teams shall be divided into 8 groups (A-H) of 4 at random. The tournament shall make use of the platform challonge.com for randomizing and bracketing.
  3. The group stage will adopt a one-game, double elimination format. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the final stage.

Figure 1. Double round elimination format

  • The final stage will adopt a best-of-three, single elimination round format. 
  • In the playoffs stage of 16 teams, the top seeds of groups A-D will face the second seeds of groups E-H, and vice versa. 
    • The pairings of the round of 16 final stage are as follows: 
  • A1 vs H2
  • B1 vs G2
  • C1 vs F2
  • D1 vs E2
  • E1 vs D2
  • F1 vs C2
  • G1 vs B2
  • H1 vs A2
  • A winning team will advance to the next round, facing the winner in the adjacent bracket.

Figure 2. Simulation of final round stage
  • In the championship round, the two teams will compete in a best-of-five (5) match.
  • Prizes:

The winning teams will be awarded cash prizes according to the following table below plus other surprises to be announced during the tournament:

Ranking Prize (Php)
Champion 15,000.00
Second place 5,000.00
Third and Fourth place 2,500.00
  • Code of Conduct
  1. Game results must be reported to the respective moderator right after. The captain of the winning team is required to submit results to the game marshal.
  2. Players must act in the spirit of sportsmanship at all times, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, competitors, tournament staff, and other participants of the event.
  3. Cheating in any form, or conspiring to cheat is already a violation and will lead to an automatic disqualification for all conspirators.
  4. The organizer has the right to disqualify or dismiss any registered player from the tournament, at their discretion, at any stage of the tournament, if proven that they violated any of the provision of the code of conduct.

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