Regulatory Environment1.001.001.00Nascent
TOTAL8.00Overall Average1.60Nascent

Baguio City ranked a level 2 in the Density Vector thanks to their wide abundance of coffee shops and robust coffee culture. These coffee shops are the hotbeds of collaboration in Baguio with artists, geeks, and business people all frequenting them. Co-working spaces have already started cropping up in the community. Calle Uno, Craftery, Hack Space, I Need Space, and Sirib are all co-working space in the city. Some of these co-working spaces are also spaces for startup events and meetups. The community also plays host to a range of incubator programs such as Beehive Incubator in SLU, The University of Cordillera TBI, and BSU Agri-TBI. The community also has a robust group of mentors that are easily accessible to the community through the Craftery Mentor Program, Kapatid Mentor Me Program, and Springboard(Calle Uno mentorship for ecommerce). The community only needs to establish an online network and hub of information to begin moving up to a higher Density Level.

In the Culture Vector, Baguio City was a Level 1.00 as the community still needed stronger support from the traditional businesses in the area. Niche communities in the area often readily interact with each other to promote collaborative efforts in the development of startups. With the push in developing ties with the strong MSME networks around the community, Baguio City can easily reach a level 2 in the culture vector.

Baguio City scored a Level 1.00 in the Capital Vector due to the lack of funding sources within the local community but have some startups existing in the city already. These startups are often bootstrapped but some have been able to reach out to find funding among interested parties outside of the community.

The Talent Vector showed that Baguio City has a Level 3 but is almost a level 4 with efforts to fight brain drain being the next step to reach a Level 4 rating. Baguio is a well known talent pool with top talent coming from the city each year. Many of the country’s most highly praised artists hail from the city. A strong tech freelancer community exists and Baguio is hope to a dense Digital Nomad population.

The Regulatory Environment Vector was identified as a Level 1 as only the hurdles to startups and entrepreneurs being identified. The local government has yet to engage its growing startup community and this was one of the gaps that will be addressed in the coming months. This activity showed that Baguio was still a Nascent Ecosystem but also allowed the audience to discover the gaps and strengths of their community. The audience decided to create a Facebook group to coordinate another meeting to decide on the next steps of their journey to becoming a more startup friendly city. DICT-LC1 offered their office as the next meeting space for the community.

One of the objectives of the Startup Mapping is to create a canvas that would allow all members of the community access to resources, mentors, and evangelists who would help them on their startup journey. These contacts are all locally based or accessable and are active in the community. The goal is to create a hotbed of collaboration in the community.