Regulatory Environment1.331.331.33Nascent
TOTAL5.92Overall Average1.18Nascent

Metro Clark ranked a level 1.26 in the Density Vector as they didn’t have a default event venue for startups, did not have a local incubation program, and is still establishing an online network and hub of information. These were being addressed by the Metro Clark ICT council in partnership with local academe and government offices. The community has a robust set of local coffee shops and is known to be a hotbed of coffee culture in the Philippines. Local coworking spaces in the community are already being established with MCICT also building their own which just recently opened to the public. In the Culture Vector, Metro Clark was a level 1.00 as the community was only holding meetup events through interest groups and education and community building.  The community found that awareness was a weakness that needed to be overcome so that more groups start cooperating and joining the events providing opportunities to collaborate.

Metro Clark scored a Level 0 in the Capital Vector due to the lack of funding sources within the local community. Funding sources such as F&F were also non-existent. The regional DOST was able to inform the participants of its mandate to release grants for prototyping and that those startups with hardware solutions may approach their office for support.

The Talent Vector revealed a strong level of 2.33. This thanks to the preexisting pool of talent already available in the community. Specialized groups exist for freelancers, artists, digital designers, and other specialists. The region is rife with artists and sculptors. The local academe is aware of this and is active in working with the community to improve collaborative networks and provide resources to interested parties. Regulatory environment was slowly growing.

The vector showed that Metro Clark has a Level 1.33 due to the presence of efforts to connect to regional activities but this needs further improvement. Key officials need to be on-boarded into the community so that they better understand the needs of their constituents in the startup community. The MCICT is already making efforts to connect the local community and the government offices that are relevant.

This activity showed that Clark was still a Nascent Ecosystem but also allowed the audience to discover the gaps and strengths of their community. The audience decided to create a Facebook group to coordinate another meeting to decide on the next steps of their journey to becoming a more startup friendly city. The Metro Clark ICT also gave their commitment to help the community further develop and strengthen through partnerships and further engagement with the community.

One of the objectives of the Startup Mapping is to create a canvas that would allow all members of the community access to resources, mentors, and evangelists who would help them on their startup journey. These contacts are all locally based or accessable and are active in the community. The goal is to create a hotbed of collaboration in the community.