Regulatory Environment2.172.172.17Foundational
TOTAL10.71Overall Average2.14Foundational

Iloilo City ranked a level 1.79 in the Density Vector. The community had already has local coffee shops in the area where many startups, freelancers, and advocates meet to discuss ideas and develop their individual businesses. The event also revealed that there were locations available for startup related events such as Wheelhouse Iloilo. Many of the attendees were also able to identify their top influencers in the startup community. The community also has co-working spaces such as Technohub, WheelHouse, Generika WS, and Colab. The community even had its own incubator program through the Startup Project. The Iloilo community even had active local and regional mailing lists and accessible mentor networks through the local TBI network. The community only needed to work on developing an online network and hub of information for it to raise its Density Vector to a Foundational Ecosystem.

In the Culture Vector, Iloilo City was a Level 1.83 as the community still needed stronger support from the traditional businesses in the area. The community has many interest groups that usually meet to focus on education and community building. Events such as Startup Weekend, Mentor’s Bootcamp, Innovation Camp and Uhack allow multiple groups to collaborate and share ideas. Groups such as Global Shapers Iloilo also participate in startup events which leads to the collaboration of social entrepreneurs and technopreneurs.

Iloilo City scored a Level 1.25 in the Capital Vector thanks to the existence of an accelerator program within the area. Most startups are bootstrapped in Iloilo with a lack of Angel investors and investor networks.

The Talent Vector showed that Iloilo City has a Level 3.67 but is almost a Level 4 with efforts to fight brain drain being the next step to reach a Level 4 rating. The community is well known for being a hotbed of national talent. Private and public schools in Iloilo are nationally competitive and engage the startup community to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with resources they need. Codeschools such as Stacktrek also provides skills training to make more developers in the community.

The Regulatory Environment Vector was identified as a Level 2.17 as there was already an effort from the local government to address needs by the startups in the community and to create understanding from officials. This activity showed that Iloilo was still a Foundational Ecosystem and that it was at the cusp of  developing into an accelerating ecosystem. With the focus of the community being driven by the local DICT Rainmakers and evangelists being active and willing to help, it is likely for the community to further grow.

One of the objectives of the Startup Mapping is to create a canvas that would allow all members of the community access to resources, mentors, and evangelists who would help them on their startup journey. These contacts are all locally based or accessable and are active in the community. The goal is to create a hotbed of collaboration in the community.